Недвижимость в Fyti

House for sale in Fyti, Paphos
  • House for sale in Fyti, Paphos
  • Beautiful secluded house just house the emba to Fyti down a one track lane and established among complete dimensions groves, by area sights to the mountains and in excess of Evretou dam to Polis Bay . The residence is located a long plot wander...
  • 03.11.20162284 ㎡
  • € 160.000
House-villa in Fyti, Pafos
  • House-villa in Fyti, Pafos. Paphos
  • Private entirely furnished 5 room villa excellent pool place lease found the outskirts great Fyti the. This roomy villa perfect landscaped backyard garden and great with spot the ideal getaway location. The villa is made up character four bedrooms...
  • 23.05.201653370 ㎡
  • € 850 / За месяц
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